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Dental Check-Ups

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The Significance of Dental Check-ups at Taher Family Dental Dental check-ups, often known as periodic examinations, are a crucial cornerstone in maintaining optimal oral health. These routine examinations pave the way for the early detection of potential oral issues like cavities, infections, gum disease, and complications related to the jaw. What happens during a dental check-up? When you visit Taher …

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The Significance of Panoramic X-rays in Dentistry

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  The Significance of Panoramic X-rays in Dentistry Panoramic X-rays, offered by our experienced general dentists in West Boylston, MA at Taher Family Dental, provide a comprehensive view of your oral health. These advanced X-rays are invaluable for diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring various dental conditions. Understanding Panoramic X-rays A panoramic X-ray is a specialized dental imaging technique that captures …