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Conventional Dentures

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Conventional Dentures at Taher Family Dental

There are two primary types of conventional dentures: complete and partial. Complete dentures serve as replacements for all the teeth in either your upper or lower jaw, while partial dentures effectively bridge the gap left by missing teeth, often anchored using metal or acrylic clasps to the neighboring teeth.

Understanding Conventional Dentures

Conventional dentures are crafted following the removal of all natural teeth and can be donned immediately. The adjustment phase is a natural part of the process. For many, two sets of complete dentures are made: one for the healing phase post-extractions and another tailored to fit after complete healing.

While dentures remain a sought-after solution due to affordability and immediate fitting, there are some considerations. Denture wearers may face food restrictions and a need for periodic adjustments. Additionally, extra care is advised, as dentures can break when dropped. It’s also common advice to remove them at night.

Why Choose Conventional Dentures?

Conventional dentures, made primarily from acrylic resin, secure in place through suction or remaining boney architecture. They stand as a prevalent choice for those who’ve lost all teeth or seek a budget-friendly alternative to implants.

Key Statistics:

  • As per the American Dental Association, over 30 million Americans rely on conventional dentures.
  • Approximately 70% opt for dentures primarily to address missing teeth.
  • A study in the Journal of the American Dental Association affirms the efficacy of conventional dentures in restoring dental appearance and functionality.

Benefits & Considerations


  • An affordable tooth replacement solution.
  • Excellent for those not considering dental implants.
  • Easy removal for cleaning purposes.


  • Initial discomfort and adjustment phase.
  • Potential for slippage or dislodgement.
  • Possible limitations in chewing certain foods.

The choice to go for conventional dentures remains deeply personal, contingent on individual needs and priorities.

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