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Implant Overdenture Surgery

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Implant Overdenture Surgery

Implant overdenture surgery is gaining recognition for its transformative impact on those with missing teeth. At Taher Family Dental, we are fully equipped to perform this procedure, ensuring optimal results tailored to individual needs.

Why Consider Implant Overdenture?

If you’re grappling with multiple missing teeth, or if it has been suggested that tooth removal is imminent, implant overdenture emerges as a compelling solution. Unlike conventional methods, this approach anchors the denture firmly, thanks to the implants embedded in the jawbone. This guarantees stability, negating worries about sliding or painful movement, and reinstates one’s confidence to chew food and engage in conversations without reservations.

The Procedure Explained

The commencement of this procedure at Taher Family Dental involves the extraction of any remaining problematic teeth. Following this, dental implants are methodically placed in the jawbone. Sometimes, bone grafting may be introduced to compensate for the areas where teeth were extracted. After the implants solidify their position, which is marked by their fusion with the bone, the overdenture restoration process kicks in. This involves the marriage of locator abutments on the implants and replacement O-rings inside the denture, ensuring a snug fit.

Why Taher Family Dental?

Our expertise isn’t confined to overdentures. In fact, dental implant crowns are a significant part of our offerings, with detailed insights available here. Our commitment to restoring smiles has made us a trusted name in Worcester county and the adjoining areas. If dental wellness is on your agenda, reach out to us.


From reinstating the appearance and function of missing teeth to ensuring longevity and care of dental implant restorations, it’s paramount to choose an experienced dentist. Taher Family Dental extends its expertise, guaranteeing smiles that stand the test of time.