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CEREC Same Day Crowns

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Dental crowns traditionally are made by dental laboratories. This involves your dentist preparing your tooth for your crown and taking a goopy impression of your teeth. You would leave the office with a temporary crown while the permanent crown is made at the dental lab. Cerec same day crowns can be made in the dental office with digital solutions, as we do here at Taher Family Dental.

CEREC allows for the preparation of your tooth and the use of a camera to scan your teeth, which turns your mouth into a 3-dimensional digital model. From this digital model, your crown can be designed while you are still in the office and a milling machine creates your crown. This crown can then be cemented permanently during the same appointment. This means you are only numb once and you don’t have to worry about having a temporary crown!

Cerec Same Day Crowns - Cerec Omnicam and Cerec Mill - Taher Family Dental - West Boylston MA