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Implant Overdenture Restoration

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Dental Implant Overdenture Restoration

Introduction to Implant Overdenture Restoration

An implant overdenture is a transformative solution for those missing an entire arch of teeth, offering far superior retention compared to conventional dentures. Termed as ‘implant-retained dentures’, these prosthetics ensure teeth stay put during essential functions like speaking or eating.

How Do Implant Overdenture Restorations Work?

Implant overdentures leverage the stability of dental implants. After taking dental impressions, a laboratory crafts the denture during the implant healing phase. If the implants are already settled, the procedure becomes quicker and simpler. The unmatched retention of implant overdentures ensures that wearers can freely eat and converse without the fear of their dentures slipping out.

Why Choose Implant Overdenture Restoration

The American Dental Association reveals that 70% opt for dental implant overdenture restorations primarily to enhance denture stability and retention. A study from the Journal of the American Dental Association supports this preference, highlighting its efficacy in augmenting denture stability. These restorations typically last between 10-15 years, with potential for longer if maintained properly.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Implant Overdenture Restorations

  • Advantages: Stability and security surpassing traditional dentures, enhanced chewing ability, clearer speech, and a more natural appearance.
  • Disadvantages: Higher cost than traditional dentures, need for more invasive surgical procedures, and potentially increased maintenance.

The choice of getting an implant overdenture restoration is indeed personal. Weighing the pros and cons and consulting with experienced professionals like those at Taher Family Dental will guide you to the best decision for your oral health and lifestyle.

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