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Implant Overdenture Restoration

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An implant overdenture is a great option to restore an entire missing arch of teeth and provide better retention than a conventional denture. An implant overdenture means that the denture will be held in by implants, which is why they are commonly also referred to as implant-retained dentures. The process of obtaining an implant overdenture restoration is similar to conventional dentures. Impressions are taken and a dental lab will fabricate the denture while the implants are healing. If the implants have already healed, this can cut out a few steps.

The reason an implant overdenture restoration is recommended is for the simple fact that implants will provide better retention. Implant overdentures allow you to be able remove the denture to clean them, but also the ability to snap it into place so there is no worry about them coming loose while eating or talking. This gives patients the peace of mind knowing that their teeth are not going to move around or fall out.

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