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Digital Dental Impressions

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Welcome to the new age of digital dentistry! Our office has two different intraoral scanners that provide digital dental impressions.  These machines turn your teeth into 3-dimensional models. We use these models for many different things that vastly improve your experience in our office. No more impressions that leave you gasping for air while the material sets.  The days of drooling throughout the process and cleaning up impression material from your face are over!

Digital Dental Impressions - CEREC Omnicam - Taher Family Dental - West Boylston MA

We have a CEREC intraoral scanner that allows us to make you same-day crowns.  With these, you don’t need to wait 2-3 weeks for your crown to be returned from the dental laboratory!  They also allow us to fully customize your crown at the time of your appointment.  By doing so, we ensure your crown will not only be esthetically pleasing, but they will perfectly function with your neighboring and opposing teeth too.

Digital Dental Impressions - Medit i700 - Taher Family Dental - West Boylston Massachusetts


Our Medit i700 scanner can scan entire arches of teeth.  With this scanner, we can offer you orthodontic clear aligner treatment without the need for impressions.  We are able to also provide expedited processing of your treatment.  This digital scan of your mouth is digitally transferred to a dental laboratory.  At the lab, they will straighten your teeth on the computer and return the clear aligners.  We then coordinate and guide you through the treatment to your new smile.


Both scanners produce 3-dimensional models of your teeth that we can also use with our cone beam CT machine (3D x-ray) to digitally plan for implant placement.  An implant is planned based on the ideal position of a tooth in the site where you need an implant. Once the implant is planned on the computer, we can 3D print a surgical guide that will fit over your neighboring teeth. This surgical guide provides an accurate channel for the implant drills to pass through.  Your implant is placed exactly where we want it to be.