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Digital Dental Impressions

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The Advancements of Digital Dental Impressions at Taher Family Dental

Welcome to the new age of digital dentistry! At Taher Family Dental, we proudly offer the latest in dental technology with our two state-of-the-art intraoral scanners. Say goodbye to messy, uncomfortable traditional impressions, and hello to swift, precise digital dental impressions.

Digital Dental Impressions - CEREC Omnicam - Taher Family Dental - West Boylston MA

Experience the CEREC Revolution

Our CEREC intraoral scanner is revolutionizing the way we handle dental restorations. Now, you don’t need to wait weeks for your crown; with CEREC’s cutting-edge technology, we offer same-day crowns! Customized on-the-spot for aesthetic appeal and perfect functionality, ensuring your crowns will blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Digital Dental Impressions - Medit i700 - Taher Family Dental - West Boylston Massachusetts

The Medit i700 Advantage

Our Medit i700 scanner is another leap forward in dental technology. Capable of scanning entire arches of teeth, this scanner facilitates orthodontic treatments without the discomfort of traditional impressions. With digitally transmitted scans to our dental lab, we accelerate your treatment processes, guiding you step by step towards a dazzling smile.

The Future is Digital

Both scanners produce 3-dimensional models of your teeth, further enhancing our service offerings. In combination with our cone beam CT machine (3D x-ray), we can digitally plan for implant placements with precision. Using these 3D models, we fabricate a surgical guide that fits perfectly over your teeth, ensuring the implant is placed exactly as planned.

The Rise of Digital Dentistry

Digital dental impressions, captured using intraoral scanners, are rapidly becoming the new standard in dental care. These impressions eliminate the need for traditional molds, providing a more comfortable and accurate experience for patients. As we continue to embrace these advancements at Taher Family Dental, patients can expect shorter, more efficient, and pleasant visits.

With a projected market worth of $2.5 billion by 2027, digital dental impressions are reshaping the future of dentistry. Studies have consistently shown their superior accuracy and comfort levels over traditional methods. As technology advances and becomes more accessible, the costs associated with digital impressions are anticipated to decrease, making them a staple in dental practices worldwide.

At Taher Family Dental, we’re always at the forefront of these innovations, ensuring our patients receive the best care possible. Visit us and experience the difference of digital dentistry today!