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3D Printing

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Using an intraoral scanner your teeth can be turned into a digital set of models that can be used for a number of different things. 3D printing can be very helpful in your dental care by providing you with more accurate, quicker and higher quality treatment. Not many dentists have the equipment and knowledge to implement 3D printing in their dental office, but Dr. Taher has everything he needs in order to 3D print all of the following:

  • Models – your teeth can be turned into 3-dimensional models, which can be 3D printed to use for retainers, whitening trays and to study the relationship between your upper and lower teeth without you being in the office.
  • Nightguards – in order to protect your teeth at night from grinding and clenching. Nightguards used to be very bulky and uncomfortable, but with 3D printing, they have become very form-fit and comfortable.
  • Surgical guides – dental implants can be placed completely guided with the use of a surgical guide. These guides will provide an accurate channel for the implant drills to pass through. 3D printed surgical guides can provide a very intimate fit to neighboring teeth and make for quick and easy implant placement.
  • Custom healing abutments for implants – when an implant is nearing its time to have a tooth added to it, a healing abutment is placed to allow for full healing of the gum tissue around the area. Custom healing abutments can be 3D printed to allow for tooth-specific shapes to be placed over the implant. This ensures that your crown (or tooth) that is attached to the implant should go in comfortably and predictably.
  • Dentures – believe it or not, full dentures can be 3D printed. Usually, these dentures will be used temporarily, but there is pink resin that can print the gum tissue and white resin to print the teeth.
  • Temporary crowns or veneers – this can be done before your dental appointment or during the time of your appointment when there are many teeth being worked on at once.